Are We Really Prepared for This?

July 18, 2020: This is almost six months after this interview and there are 105 days before the election (3 1/2 months). More than one prominent conservative spokes person has said this will be a make it or break it election, that if the Democrats somehow win back all their loses, they clearly have more Anti American, Anti Constitutional actions in mind.

But even with its faults fully in mind it can still be said that the United States is the last country which puts individual interests over government rule over Life. In all other countries, even the so-called democracies, people believe their government will always act as a protective support system. In the U.S. at least conservatives follow Ronald Reagan’s observation that governments don’t solve problems, they create problems.

But in the months since this interview, the Democrats have been using their support by the Press to convince everyone Trump is the worst possible person to have in the White House. They cite new polls every other day that show Trump’s popularity is “dropping precipitously.” Cooperatively, the most popular talking heads on TV tell us of every new Trump failure, hour by hour, day after day. Will this work or not? It’s a question no one can answer with assurance. Do the people already convinced of Trump’s alleged faults count in these surveys? We can be sure that they do.

The thing many people think about the most lately is how unprepared and unbelieving the public often is.

We all know the German public voted for more sane people than Hitler and other Nazi candidates in the 1920s. Even the Communist Party gained more votes than the Nazis. But finally Hitler won and election and from there he pulled off criminal maneuvers one after another until he was able to declare himself the absolute ruler over the German people. After that he systematically went after any German who opposed him (often in the most horrific ways). Stalin’s trajectory was very similar. So the “unbelievable” can and has come to pass before Joe Biden was a twinkle in God’s eye. Today’s leftist Progressive Democrats have been staging an eerily similar campaign against anyone who supports Donald Trump and his presidency. Is this believably legitimate?

Likewise the American public during the late 1930s when Hitler was sword rattling and actually invading neighboring countries, they never wanted the United States to become involved. They refused to believe that Hitler’s forces would ever find a way to threaten our country or themselves. (In fact Hitler’s scientists were pushing hard to create the first intercontinental ballistic missiles able to reach New York City and Nazi submarines were busy sinking cargo ships right off our eastern shore.

If that weren’t enough, the American public barely gave a second thought to the Imperial Japanese invasion of (and devastation of) the much larger country of China. So of course they deceived themselves about a threat from the Imperial Japanese forces the same way they were doing with the Nazi Threat. Then came December 7, 1941.

Let me remark that when the American public finally became outraged and alarmed, the US was so unprepared that it took around two years to build our own military forces enough to be able to cope with the much more experienced and better armed Nazi and Japanese forces. A lot more people died than was necessary because of the public’s mass delusion about it being “not our problem, no threat exists for us.”

Any competent historian knows this but it will take people talking to one another about the real situation vis a vis this election and “what people believe” regarding Trump’s chances. It’s coming at us in just three and a half months.

What do you think? Are we going to be caught unprepared for and Democrat victory?

And what should we do before this election on November third?