Saturday, November 7, 2020 — The first thing I did this morning was to look for news about the election. The first thing I read was the article entitled, “How President-elect Joe Biden Will Govern — if he can govern at all” by Andrew Romano and Alexander Nazaryan on Yahoo News.

Incoming President Joe Biden has already made what, we can suppose, is his “predictive” acceptance speech and in his statements he first openly wondered aloud if the fact that the pandemic would be the challenge that determined his status as an historic icon for Democrats, comparing his situation with that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s dealing with the Great Depression.

For starters, when the BS cloud thins enough, we’ll be able to see the size and severity of this common-in-history epidemic a little better. But oh wait, we already have a complete picture. While it’s a first in its the severity of it’s effects in the last couple of hundred years, this infectious virus is nowhere near what the Bubonic Plague did to the people in Europe starting in 1349.

Bubonic Plague: has 17.9 % fatality rate even with modern, already well established treatment. Compared to the long term fatality rate for Covid 19, which is 2.4% of reported cases. So Bubonic Plague is nearly 750% more deadly than COVID 19. President Biden is clearly exaggerating both the size of his challenge and the importance of his leadership in one fell swoop. This is something that has been seen throughout his nearly 50-year career as a politician. We can say (and should note) that President Biden has a habit of exaggerating his role and his importance. At age 77, is he going to be able to curb that habit? He certainly didn’t start with his statements to the ever-agreeable Press.

Biden previously made a statement to CNN that is no more encouraging: “I think it (his important work as a leader against the COVID 19 threat) may not dwarf, but eclipse what FDR faced.” I think many people may be thinking at this point about the size of Biden’s ego and imagination versus Trump’s and find him at least equal to Trump’s in that regard. So much for the “narcissist” claims.

And Biden told donors a few weeks later: “ I think people are realizing, ‘My Lord, look at what is possible,’ looking at the institutional changes we can make, without us becoming a ‘socialist country’ or any of that malarky.” Apparently, in Joseph Biden’s estimation, “we” can make sweeping institutional changes” -and — without resorting to socialism. (which President Trump has been assuring us for years will never happen in the United States -which means Biden must bow to President Trump on that topic).

So (1) President Biden will be big on fighting the non-emergency level threat of COVID-19 and (2) has promised to do the other President-y things in malarky-free fashion. Does that mean we can hold a requiem for Senator Bernie (Socialist) Sanders? Yes, I think President Joe Biden has said as much. And of course because the COVID 19 threat is “monumental” we can rest assured that President Biden will spend monumental amounts of tax money on it.
I really think today was the best time to do this review of who Joe Biden actually is and what we can expect of him as President of the United States beginning in just two months! I’ve tried to be fair and factual and I know I’ve been 100% accurate. Accuracy and completeness is essential to honesty, that has been my deepest belief and understanding for a long time.

So anyone can understand why I welcome any fact-checker and I really want to hear from the Democrat / Biden supporters about why they are so ecstatic about this man winning the most important job in the country. What I don’t want are fanboys and fangirls accusing me of things I didn’t do and calling me names in place of being honest about Joe Biden and Donald Trump. None of that malarky because it freezes everyone in place — which is a dangerous thing to do right now.