U.S. Fatality rate from COVID 19: 2.7% That’s as of today, April 4, 2020.

The U.S. Fatality rate from COVID 19: 2.7%. That’s as of today, April 4, 2020.
In layman terms this is pretty good for the United States and speaks well of the effectiveness of the Trump Administration’s handling of this epidemic under pressure.

Could we have done better? Sure we could be doing better if the public (“we”) had taken the SARS epidemic more seriously. That information has been around for thirteen years. Not the government but the pubic ignored that information for that long.

Germany’s public and government are doing better and so are the people in a couple of other countries: all of them took more notice and took some measures to be prepared to jump right on this epidemic.

Sudden, large changes in anything cause major problems. The economic problem is likely to be major. Slower, thoroughly thought out measures over time produce superior results every damned time. We could have stockpiled some items to avoid panic buying and shortages. We could have formed more sanitary personal habits (frequent hand washing was and is always a good idea). Preppers are laughed at for storing up months of food and water (and toilet paper). Who’s laughing now?

So “critics” can just shut the hell up. The time for criticism was passed 13 years ago. And the object of the criticism should have been peoples’ lack of interest in saving their own asses. We see many examples of news “personalities” blaming President Trump for various “failures.”

These are all supporting the opposition party — called by the name, The Democratic Party. These are the same people who’ve encouraged the public to laugh at people who wash their hands “excessively” and wipe their phones clean after every use. These are the same people who encouraged the public to see preppers as oddball “crazies.” Who again are these “news commentators” supporting?

The time for opinion setting has become a time for realizing just how dangerous these “political commentators” have become. Over night. Their self confidence is now made ridiculous, worthy of ridicule.

Carelessness and irresponsibility toward oneself is irresponsibility toward everyone else. This isn’t socialism: it’s rational self interest for the common interest of the people of the United States.