Why Polling the Public Does Not Work

We’re probably all fed up with news about the current pandemic so I can only hope that enough people notice to carry this information forward to people now and in the future.

The news, according to several experts, is really that our supposed leaders failed to take notice of a few critical facts long ago, before before Trump, before Obama, before Dubya, and before Clinton (and wife). This is why we are now faced with a possible downturn in our economy, the largest most successful economy on Earth so far.

It’s well known that if the leader of a given country takes notice of something important to the people of his country, he’s in the best position to spread the word, with authority and conviction. But because political leaders are depending more and more on polling the public for their opinions on various topics, this process reverses the process and results in the public being asked before they are informed about the matter.

If President Clinton had asked the public what they thought about a possible pandemic back in 1993, we can easily guess that the public wouldn’t even have given it a thought at the time. The result would have been the same for Presidents G.W. Bush, Obama and Trump. Of course none of them mentioned preparing for a future pandemic to alert the public, either.

Anyone who was 21 when that Clinton was elected would now be 48 years old and would never have heard a U.S. president talk seriously about preparing for a national emergency epidemic that would require preparations including those needed to lessen or eliminate the economic consequences of such an event.

I came to this realization thanks to an article in the online magazine, Wired, about a specialist named Nathan Wolfe who, it’s claimed, developed a brilliant strategy to avoid economic disaster stemming from a worldwide pandemic. I recommend you read the Wired article by Ethan Ratliff, that way you will be informed should any political leader choose to have a poll made that includes questions about preparedness before an epidemic.

We can only hope the aforementioned leaders be alerted to this article as well and that it compiles them to bring it up to the American public and pass on to future leaders what I have said about polls that work and polls that do not.

And please don’t let yourself be lured into responding to polls for now because they are almost all not going to work as they should.